Resilience, the new challenge in earthquake engineering

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

• My paper is larger than 1.5 MB. What can I do?
The size limit for the papers is flexible, in fact the online form accepts files larger than 1.5 MB. However, this restriction has its reasons to be; it’s very difficult for us to accept files that are larger than 1.5 MB, because of the amount of papers we will include in the pendrive that will be handed out to every participant and the file managing by the reviewers and editor.

You could try to reduce the size of the pictures and figures of your paper by saving them as GIF files before including them in the document (low colour quality and size, which doesn’t affect much images of plots and graphs). The software MS Paint is an easy tool for that purpose, in case you don’t have a more adequate software.

We can even accept your paper as a PDF file if it was first edited in MS Word. This should help keeping the quality of the images, since usually the file size decreases considerably when saving the MS Word file as PDF.

Please try to use these methods and then upload the paper as usual, even if you couldn’t reduce the paper’s size. Thank you for your understanding.

• Can I have an invoice to process the payment of my registration with my institution?
Of course. Please contact us at Esta dirección de correo electrónico está protegida contra spambots. Usted necesita tener Javascript activado para poder verla. to request an invoice. If you need more specific information included in it, such as the billing address, please mention it in your email.

• I want to do a wire transfer / bank deposit to pay for my registration fee. What considerations should I have?
Remember that the commissions and charges of transferring the money, from your bank and any intermediary ones, should be covered by you. This means that the bank in Chile must receive the total amount. We would recommend to pay with credit card to avoid paying the extra charges.

Remember to register first in the online form, and in the transfer/deposit information clearly state what registration the payment is for (participant’s name / registration code).

The Bank Account information is:

  • Bank name: Banco de Chile
  • Bank address: Av. El Bosque Norte 0484, Las Condes, Santiago de Chile, CP. 7550092
  • Swift code: BCHICLRM (we don’t have ABA code or other only swift)
  • Account name (Beneficiary name) : Maturana González y Cía. Ltda. (Zentidos Professional Conference Organizer)
  • RUT (VAT): 76.027.145-4
  • Account number (IBAN Code): 05-368-01799-05
  • Beneficiary address: Calle Oslo 443, oficina 122. Las Condes. Santiago de Chile. CP 7560780
  • Phone number: 562 2585 8180

• I need to update my paper that has been already submitted before the deadline. How should I do it?
To update the paper you have already submitted, just upload again the revised file. The new version will replace the old one. You can do this as many times as you want before the deadline for paper submission.

DO NOT use the option “Withdraw Submission”, since it will not only remove your already uploaded paper, but also remove all the submission information from the system. If by accident you withdrew your submission, please contact us to restore it.

• My payment with credit card wasn’t successful on the online registration form. If I try to register again, the system tells me that it already has my information. What is going on?
The error may have happened because your credit card’s bank was not aware that you were going to make an international transaction with Chile. Sometimes banks reject payments to uncommon countries to avoid possible frauds. Please check this issue with your bank to verify that no money was deducted from your balance.

If you are not able to register again because the system already has your information, you can contact us to delete your current information so you can register again.

• Can I upload my paper in PDF format?
Initially we were only receiving papers in MS-Word format, so the papers could be easily edited to unify their format and easily assemble the Proceedings book. However, due to several requests, now we are also accepting papers in PDF format, if they were first edited in MS Word following the official template.

• I cannot pay the registration fee before submitting my paper, what can I do about it?
If your institution won’t fund your registration before the results of the paper review process are known, or because of administrative reasons you have to pay a few month after the deadline, there is a possible solution for you to submit your paper with a delayed payment.

We can issue an invoice for your registration fee, which can be used to start processing the funding with your institution. Also, we would need a signed “promise to pay” letter from you, indicating the reasons of the delayed payment and stating that you will pay the registration fee before a certain date that we should previously agree upon.

Once we have this documentation ready, and you have registered in the online form (with payment pending), we can provide you a valid Registration Code to properly upload your paper.

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